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Day camps

Moo Sa Martial Arts & Kids Karate

Throughout the school year students will have off for holidays and teacher in service days and things like this. On these days the Moo Sa Black Belt Academy holds day camps for all students and children in the area to attend for a fun day of games, races, activities, and of course we learn and practice respect, focus, self discipline, and self control. Our next Day Camp is on February 20th for Presidents day! Spaces are still available you can call to sign up or sign up next time you stop in for classes.



Is my child ready to start martial arts?

Moo Sa Martial Arts & Kids Karate

This is a common question I get asked. I am reminded of this quote, " You don't have to be great to start, you have to start to be great." Being ready is a very unclear term. If you ask a teacher, coach, karate instructor, if their student is ready for a test they will tell you yes. But is you ask that student they might say yes or they might say no. Sometimes being ready means nothing. Ill give all the parents an example you can relate to. Were you ready to have kids? I am a parent and if you were like me you prepared and read books and you were as ready as you could be. But nothing really prepares you for the real deal. It might have been challenging, but you handled it. Challenge is what prompts growth. I encourage everyone to think about martial arts training as an opportunity to improve. Everyone wants an opportunity. You do not have to "be ready" for an opportunity. Its not something you have to be ready for.  Everyone can benefit in some way from martial arts and we want to show you what we have to offer. Sign up on our home page for a 3 class trial.



Toys for tots drop off

Moo Sa Martial Arts & Kids Karate


Moo Sa Karate is located at 2770 Concord Road in Aston Pa. We are an official drop site for toys for tots. Stop by any time to make a donation.

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Martial Arts Weapons

Moo Sa Martial Arts & Kids Karate

Our progam includes a lot of weapons training not a lot of other schools offer. Our program includes: Staff, reverse grip staff, nunchucks, speed chucks, bokken, sword, tonfas, kamas, sais, and cane. We also learn to use both nunchucks at the same time. None of these weapons are sharp. This training has tons of benefits. The students are using different muscle groups they would not otherwise use, they are gaining confidence with every weapon because they are going through the learning process and going from not knowing anything about it to being able to wield that weapon and preform froms with it. The students are also reinforcing their basic skills with stances, speed, and focus. They are learning they can accomplish challenging tasks if they stick to it and put in lots of effort. Learning how to use these weapons can be very challenging at times. It requires a lot of practice on your own, not just the short time in class. Lastly IT IS JUST FLAT OUT FUN! :) I mean give a kid a pair of nunchucks and they are in heaven. They are having fun and they don't even know they are working on hand eye coordination, focus, goal setting, and much more. 



Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Moo Sa Martial Arts & Kids Karate

I am excited to announce we are raising money again to donate to breast cancer research. For the whole month of October students can wear pink uniforms and pink belts. Anything pink that you purchase which includes:t-shirts, hoodies, sparring gear, and hand pads, will have all the profit from that sale donated as well. This is a fun way to show support for a great cause and help. Please contact master quillen to order any pink stuff you want :)