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Karate on the beach

Moo Sa Martial Arts & Kids Karate

We have man free family evetns throughout the year. The beach workout is by far everyone's favorite. We get to train with all our friends from other Do Jangs and then relax on the beach. Please be sure to sign up in the lobby if you are attending the workout. It helps us to have an idea of how many students will be training.


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Summer Camp for aston, brookhaven, and media residents

Moo Sa Martial Arts & Kids Karate

Our karate summer camp is a all day camp from 9am to 4pm. Each day is filled with fun games, races, team competitions, karate class and we even go on field trips. Wednesday is our movie day and friday we go the the park and a swimming pool. It is a great time and something different then the usual summer camp. The cost is only $40 a day. The best part is that anyone can join our summe camp! You do not have to be enrolled in our martial arts program to attend our summer camp. If you are interested in signing your children up please give us a call at 610-800-7629 for more information.



How old do you have to be to start karate

Moo Sa Martial Arts & Kids Karate

This is a common question that I get asked a lot. Our Program is designed so that children as young as 3 years old can participate. 3 and potty trained are the requirnments. Of course at this age there is a ton of development that happens very fast. Not all 3 year olds are confortable with being in a big group. But if they are able to follow basic instructions and they feel ok talking to our instructors then they have a lot to benefit from our program. Not all karate schools accept kids this young. The martial arts offer so many wonderful benefits for young children, but it is a different skill set then regular karate classes. We are working on balance, coordination, focus, following directions, strength, flexibility....... The list goes on and on. I will leave you with this. If you ask any of my little dragons, that is what we call our 3 - 7 year olds, what self discipline is they should be able to tell you it is doing what you need to do without being told. If you ask them what respect is they should tell you it is treating others they way you want to be treated. I am super proud when I see my little dragons answering these questions. They learn about this now at a young age and and we encourage them to use this every day.



Kids summer camp

Moo Sa Martial Arts & Kids Karate

The end of school is just a week or two away! This is a great time to get your child enrolled into our summer camp. Our first week of camp is the last week in june. It is from 9-4 and the cost is only $200!! That is it. All students have to bring their own snacks and lunch. Each day is filled with fun games, races, karate classes, and more! Call today to register for our kids karate summer camp.



Summer Activities

Moo Sa Martial Arts & Kids Karate

Are you looking for your child to do something different this summer? Martial Arts is great for keeping kids active and in good shape. And of course we are talking about respect, focus, self confidence, and self defense in these classes. We can't talk about all of that in 1 class of course. We warm up, stretch, go through our drills, and try to encourage our students to use their respect and self discipline at home. If you are intested in this class us today at 610-800-7629.