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Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt AcademyGary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt Academy

Fitness Kickboxing Weight Loss Program

Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt Karate Academy we offer a fun Fitness Kickboxing Weight Loss Program that combines martial arts moves with an aerobic workout to get you fit. Whether you're new to fitness kickboxing, or you've taken classes before, we have experts on staff who will work with you individually to help you reach your fitness goals.

Why should you choose our Fitness Kickboxing Weight Loss Program? There are plenty of reasons!

Here is what a couple of our students had to say...

"Mr Quillen's kickboxing class is the most fun I've had working out.  EVER.  His creativity makes each class interesting and fun.  His positive attitude and motivation is infectious.  Classes are never boring and always a challenge.  If you're looking to sweat your butt off and get in shape, this kickboxing class is the way to go.   Moo Sa!"

                                                                              -Russ Replogle

"I have taken adult kickboxing with Gary at the Moo Sa Black Belt Academy.  The experience has been a mix of challenging, engaging and fun!  Gary does a great job of varying the classes between a mix of cardio, strength training, and muscle development.  Since starting the classes I've lost weight, gained muscle and learned skills that help develop muscles for other sports I participate in.  If you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle and meet great new people, I would highly recommend kickboxing classes with Gary Quillen.  I would honestly say its well worth your time, money and efforts."

                                                                Christian Belko

The Health Benefits of Fitness Kickboxing

Did you know that fitness kickboxing is a great workout, and that participating in a program at Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt Karate Academy can help you burn up to 1,000 calories every class?

Fitness kickboxing is an aerobic exercise that gets your heart pumping, contributing to weight loss. The benefits of our Fitness Kickboxing Weight Loss Program don't stop there:


The routines learned during fitness kickboxing increase your balance and coordination.


You will tone your upper body, core, and lower body during fitness kickboxing. Punches help tone your arms, while the positions learned work your abs. Kicks strengthen your hamstrings, leading to a leaner, more toned look.


Kickboxing teaches you defense techniques, so you get to combine the benefits of a workout with the practicality of defense training. Fitness kickboxing integrates many traditional martial arts moves into the workout, meaning you'll lose weight while learning how to keep yourself safe.

Reduce Stress

The final health benefit of fitness kickboxing is that you'll be able to work your aggression out in a safe, classroom setting. While you're losing weight and toning your body, you'll also get to leave class without the stress you walked in with.

Combine Your Workouts

Since fitness kickboxing combines a cardio workout with strength conditioning, you don't have to spend hours at the gym working on aerobic exercises and weight lifting separately. It's a fun workout that you can do in a few hours a week while still reaping the benefits of cardio and strength training.

Have Fun While Losing Weight!

The most important part of the Fitness Kickboxing Weight Loss Program is that it's fun! We work with all fitness levels, so you don't have to worry about struggling to keep up with the class. You'll get to burn calories while having a fun, exciting workout and meeting new people! Forget boring, tedious gym workouts and join us for our Fitness Kickboxing Weight Loss Program to discover that getting fit doesn't have to feel like a chore.

Why Should You Choose Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt Karate Academy?

Maybe you're thinking about joining a gym and attending a kickboxing class there. Did you know that approximately 60 percent of people with a gym membership never actually use it? Join us at Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt Karate Academy and avoid becoming a statistic!

We offer accountability coaches that make sure you make it to class. When you come in to work out, we'll have experts available to answer your questions and help you work towards your specific weight loss and fitness goals.

Our students consistently tell us that our Fitness Kickboxing Weight Loss Program has given them confidence and a sense of accomplishment. After only a few classes, our students start to feel that they are in better shape and have higher self-esteem.

Do you think you would like to become one of our success stories? If you're ready to start having fun while improving yourself mentally and physically, call us at 610-800-7629 to talk to a representative about signing up for a trial program! Try out our Fitness Kickboxing Weight Loss Program without a long term commitment so you can find out how fun and beneficial the program will be for you.