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Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt AcademyGary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt Academy

Thank you for visiting Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt Karate Academy, home of the finest martial arts instruction available anywhere.

Our top-notch facilities allow students to:

• Learn martial arts in a comfortable setting
• Get physically fit
• And have lots of fun!

Professional instructors are here to teach you the fine points of martial arts in a relaxed environment, enabling you to learn quickly and efficiently. Everyone can benefit from our fun and exciting classes. Bring the kids and make Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt Karate Academy your new family fun center!

There’s Something for Everyone: Self-Defense, Fitness and World Class Martial Arts

Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt Karate Academy caters to every member of the family, regardless of your current age or experience level. Men, women and children of all ages can find fun and fitness in and among our many classes. Our Little Ninjas class is geared toward children ages 4 to 6. We also offer Youth Taekwondo, Adult Taekwondo, Teen and Adult Hapkido, and our ever-popular Fusion Fitness courses. Each class offers a combination of skills and techniques, along with physical fitness conditioning and lots of good, clean fun!

Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Aston Photo 1

• Stretch your muscles
• Get an aerobic and anaerobic workout
• Learn practical self-defense skills
• Focus on having fun

Body, Mind & Soul: A 3-in-1 approach to Martial Arts Instruction

We understand that martial arts instruction needs to train the whole person: the body, the mind, and the soul. We want to shape you and help transform you into a Black Belt from the inside-out. You ’ll be physically fit, mentally focused, and emotionally strong – that makes for an unfair advantage against any opponent! Our team of professional instructors will help you hone your skills in fun, action-packed classes that provide complete martial arts training. From the tactical to the practical, you’ll get it all!

Enjoy Year-Round Fun Events

Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt Karate Academy never stops bringing you fun and excitement for the whole family. We offer classes for children and adults all year, including specialty classes and events like:

• Self-Defense Workshops
• Bully-Proof Seminars
• Bring-A-Buddy nights
• Parent’s Night Out
• Holiday Parties
• Fun Games and Challenges

The line-up of fun and fitness is endless and ever-changing. We’re always adding more awesome workshops and activities to keep you challenged and excited about martial arts instruction.

Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Aston Photo 2

Allow our Amazing Instructors to Impress You

All of our highly-trained martial arts instructors are equipped with the teaching skills necessary for superb physical training. But more importantly, they are well-versed in the art of developing character in their students. They know how to teach children (and adults) the virtues of:

• Courtesy
• Patience
• Self-control
• Integrity
• Respect

Many of our students have reported enormous boosts in self-disciple, self-esteem and perseverance after only a short time of training at Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt Karate Academy. These same students have also boasted about the fact that the skills they learned at our karate school have helped them to achieve more in other areas of their lives. They now perform better at school, at work, and in all areas of their personal, daily life. We want to help YOU achieve these life-changing experiences too!

Look at what our students and their parents are saying...

"Our family has enjoyed being a part of the Moo Sa Family.  Mr. Quillen is exceptional with his enthusiasm and skill.  You can truly tell that he loves what he does.  He has a way with the kids that is encouraging and fun.  He has high expectations for the kids and the kids always rise to the challenge with his help.  He emphasizes self-control, discipline, focus and positive attitudes.  We couldn't ask for more.  Oh yeah, Jacob loves it!  He is always 'quoting' Mr. Quillen." 

                                                                The Holobovich Family

"My son, 11 years old, has been training with Mr. Quillen for 7 years. Mr Quillen is an outstanding instructor who has experience training both adults and young children. His classes are lively, informative, detailed, and filled with life skills that can be immediately implemented. His enthusiasm is contagious. Mr. Quillen understands what it takes to foster success not only in the dojang, but in life as well. He knows what tips and tricks make training fun and effective. He shares information, strategies, and solutions along with personal stories. He will touch your life and inspire you to train harder. You will enjoy his sincerity, enthusiasm, humor, and knowledge. He will educate you, motivate you, and make you laugh while teaching you the Martial Arts. My son began his training as a LITTLE DRAGON and benefits from the leadership program.  Nick is now a Black Belt and enjoys his training more every day thank to Mr. Quillen!" 

                                                                          Amy Kilgore

Make the Right Choice! Choose Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt Karate Academy!

Signing up for classes at Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Black Belt Karate Academy could very well be the best decision you ’ve ever made for you and your family. We can help you achieve your goals, no matter what they may be.

Gary Quillen's Moo Sa Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Aston Photo 3

• Learn to be a Black Belt
• Get into amazing physical shape
• Learn practical self-defense
• Give a child and extra edge in life
• Develop your own character, or help build a well-rounded child

Try Us NOW!

The success stories we see every day are the ones we help create. Don ’t you want the next one to be yours? Give us a call right now at 610-800-7629. Our courteous and professional staff is waiting to offer you a Free Trial Program. There’s nothing to lose – and SO much to gain!